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Russian military exercises conducted in September were intended to simulate a war against Nato, including the capture of Baltic states and the bombing of countries in western Europe.Russia said that the Zapad (West) war exercises aimed to train Russia’s defensive capabilities and described them as an anti-terrorism operation.

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The Kremlin claims only 12,700 troops are involved in the deadly drills, along with up to 70 aircraft and helicopters, up to 680 units of military hardware including 250 tanks, up to 200 artillery pieces, multiple rocket launchers and mortars, and up to 10 warships.

But Nato says the war games are significantly larger than Moscow has publicised - potentially involving some 100,000 troops.

To a limited extent, Trump's administration has challenged this groupthink on Russia but embraced it concerning North Korea.

Yet where some understanding of US enemies prevails, so does the belief that it might be possible to work diplomatically with US adversaries rather than confront them militarily.

An engineer after the attack helicopter after it was ordered to return to base forgot to inspect its weapon station before releasing the 30 mm caliber shell.

Instead, the engineer immediately released the trigger, the source close the ministry told RBC.“If everything had been done according to instructions, the projectile would have just dropped next to the aircraft, but here it stayed in the barrel.

We believe that whipping up hysteria around these exercises is a provocation." Fifth-grade students of the General Yermolov Cadet School wear gas masks during their first military tactical exercise on the ground, which includes radiation resistance classes, forest survival studies and other activities, in Stavropol, Russia "It is a normal practice for any country to hold such exercises.

Everything is being held in line with international law.”Russian President Vladimir Putin may also visit one of the stages of these drills, he said.

A special commission comprising Defense Ministry and aviation industry officials was formed to ascertain the causes of the mishap and identify those responsible, RBC reported.

Recent Russian war games in Belarus have raised fears in Washington that the "real" aim of the exercises is staging for a military incursion into Poland or the Baltic States.

The tyrannical regime recently tested its sixth nuclear weapon, a H-bomb believed to be five times more powerful than the device dropped on Hiroshima.

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