Youth dating violence statics

Examples of this include constant texting, social network surveillance and even video monitoring.

Cell phones, messaging and social networks are intended for communication and social interaction.

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Let your kids know that their digital boundaries should closely mirror their in-person boundaries.

Basically, if you wouldn’t say that or show that in person, don’t do it online!

Once a message or image is sent, the sender no longer has control over that content.

Private communication is very easily made public through digital networks.

TDV may include sexual violence including any kind of unwanted or forced sexual contact.

Sexual control may also include reproductive coercion where an abuser sabotages his partner’s birth control, forces pregnancy and/or determines the outcome of the victim’s pregnancies.

As you talk with your kids about their tech habits, it’s really important to understand that participation in the digital landscape is a key part of young peoples’ social experience.

In talking with your kids about sensible guidelines, let them know that you are interested in helping them use technology safely, not in restricting their use of these devices.

Keep an eye on your child’s digital habits, especially if changes in those habits seem to coincide with negative changes in other life habits and hobbies.

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