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I have also known age discrimination – specific instances – in which I am certain I was passed over for consideration because of my chronological age. Or we may take steps – whitened teeth, painted hair, working out – to project an image that is energetic and youthful. She’s in a relationship where the age difference is significant, though it wouldn’t be (of course), were she the man.

She isn’t sure how to proceed, and she’s understandably worried. But I feel ill-equipped to offer any counsel, and I’m curious about how others would solve this problem – not to mention what you would advise this woman.

He explained that maybe a 19 year old with a hot bod wasn’t realistic unless I was willing to be a sugar daddy.

He found me Rey a 38 year old professional from Cebu.

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May I add that he had lied about his height (by five or six inches), and forgot to mention a second ex-wife?

I’ve worked with and in organizations where most of the team was 10 or 20 years younger, and others where they were my own age or older. She lied about her age and now finds herself in the difficult position of needing to clear the air.

As for age – in my professional life and private life – generally speaking, it has proven irrelevant. I’ve chosen to date a man 20 years my junior, though I knew he didn’t know my age and I simply felt the gap was too extreme.


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