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The rebels forced Hadi to flee the capital to the port city of Aden in February 2015.

The rebel alliance formed a joint government in November 2016, the National Salvation Government.

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“The hazardous flammable materials sold by Du Pont and stored inside of the subject warehouse facility later exploded inside of the subject warehouse facility.”Du Pont, now known as Dow Du Pont following a merger, declined to comment on the new lawsuit.

Several other cases have been filed over the fire and transferred to federal court in Charleston, but those suits did not name Du Pont as a defendant.

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The United Arab Emirates is part of the Saudi-led coalition fighting against Houthi militants and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Houthi-Saleh coalition became shaky last week when Saleh encouraged his supporters to take up arms against the Houthis during clashes in the capital of Sanaa. The Houthis and Saleh forces have been fighting against forces loyal to President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi since 2014. military, though, said it intercepted a shipment of weapons from Iran headed to the Houthis in 2016.Plaintiffs in the new suit include five individuals who live or have businesses nearby, along with two local businesses, and the complaint seeks class-action status on behalf of similarly situated parties.Previously, a spokesman for Du Pont has said that the company “does not have any direct affiliation with the warehouse,” but that “the warehouse was storing plastic materials, some of which were purchased from Du Pont” by Intercontinental Export Import.It is indeed a place of botanical and zoological treasures nurtured by many generations of the islanders, the keepers of the unique cultural traditions of Yemen.For centuries, the Socotra Islands have been out of early explorers’ and naturalists’ attention.The Saudi-led coalition on Sunday said it would welcome talks with Saleh in order to free Yemen of "militias loyal to Iran." The Saudis have accused Iran of supporting the Houthi effort, which Tehran has denied. Saleh said he would be interested in talks if the Saudis lifted a blockade on Yemeni sea ports and airports, and stopped attacks.


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