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Please report any issues on Git Hub or mail me at [email protected] - High-res ADT terrain texture export (8192x8192) - Initial 7.3 support - Map/ADT viewer preparations, disabled for now - Add checkbox to enable/disable exporting WMOs/M2s with ADTs - More alpha texture support for WMO and M2 previews - Fix issue where using the arrow keys would make the viewer lose focus - A lot of (very therapeutic) cleaning/restructuring of old code - Map tile viewer cuts off - Resizing the window might sometimes cause issues with the UI - Clicking "Bake texture" or exporting ADTs will cause the application to freeze while baking the texture - Probably more due to heavy code restructuring.

Please report any issues on Git Hub or mail me at [email protected] - (Blender only, requires included plugin) ADTs now export with WMOs and doodads at correct positions - (Blender only, requires included plugin) WMOs now export with doodads - Added M2 collision model exporting by @dkrutsko - Added maptile hole support exporting by @dkrutsko - Partial UI rework - Previews are no longer in a separate window, currently need you to maximize the application make it show up - Map tile viewer - Rewrite previews to use shaders, making future improvements easier - Camera uses A/D for rotation, W/S for moving closer/further away and up/down arrows for moving the model up/down - Update Open TK to most recent preview version - Update Open TK.

Start by creating a folder on your desktop labeled Wo W Backup. You will want to type out the follow: Interface: Do the Interface folder.

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The client will only work with Patch 4.3.2 32-bit client already installed.

On 14-Feb-2012, an updated 64-bit client (Patch 4.3.3 build 15314) for Windows and Mac OS X was released and Blizzard said previous users must switch to the 32-bit client via the Launcher's Game Preferences dialog.

After successfully switching to the 32-bit client, everything should be fine. change name from This should restore the launchers ability to find and launch the 64 bit client without needing to bypass launcher and open it directly (never a good thing to bypass launcher unless you know what you're doing, so much better to make sure the launcher can interact with 64 bit app properly) If you are currently testing the 64-bit client, in order to patch up to 4.3.3 you will need to remove the 64-bit files to allow the patching process to complete.

On May 10th, 2012, minor progress was made with the 64-bit client for build 15677, as the client downloads and launches successfully for both Mac and Windows, but crashes immediately after character selection. With the 64-bit client files in place you will receive the error: If you are currently testing the 64-bit client, in order to patch the game you will need to remove the 64-bit files to allow the patch process to complete.

The World of Warships Public Test is not connected with your Public Test accounts in other Wargaming titles, so they will NOT affect or be affected by it either.

First you will need to locate your World of Warcraft folder. Log into the Launcher and click on the Blizzard icon in the upper left corner. Select Game Install/Update from the list on the left side. It may have "Warlord of Draenor", "Legions", or which ever expansion you have installed. In the image the location of the World of Warcraft folder is W:\World of Warcraft. We're going to have them save to the desktop in a folder called Wo W Backup. You should now have a folder (Wo W Backup) on your desktop with an "\Interface\Addon" and "\WTF" folders.Your game resources, progress, stats, financial data, etc.will NOT be transferred or in any way affected by your Public Test account.It's a great way to contribute to the game and help the development team stay on the right course.We recommend you register your Public Test Account with the same email address you are using for your standard (live server) account.By default, for Windows, it is: We will be using the Command Prompt to copy your addons and settings to a safe location. You will want to type out the follow: Interface: Select "D", and then let it run. You have now safely copied your addons and settings.

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