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The downside of this method is that the function will appear in the functions list.(Generally used for calculations and returning a value.) I sometimes prefer this to keep overview in the macros list. If you want to remain able to make the sheet visible again from the menus, use something like this: Sheet1.If "Private" is used before "Sub" or "Function", it can only be called from the same module, whilst also not being visible in the list. Offset(n, i) = "" Next i Next n Dim my Last Row As Long Dim my Last Column As Long Range("A1"). Visible = False If the Macros are for your own use, security is usually no problem.

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Please note that unlike the above copy example, there is no need to clear the memory by "Application. The following is usually needed at least then: 1) Hide sheets that are not needed for view by the users 2) Protect your Workbook and Sheets with passwords 3) Protect your VBA code: Point at your project in the explorer window, right click on it and select VBA project properties, click on the Protection tab, check on Lock Project for Viewing and next key in your password.

Cut Copy Mode = False" Also note that a sheet has in fact two names, both visible in VBA properties. Please keep in mind that I am an occasional user of Excel and VBA, which is the reason I made this overview.

Keep in mind that Macros can be very useful, but also very dangerous if coming from an unknown source.

The codes for these basic macros came from all over the internet or have been found by myself.

Currently it is under development, but it is available for testing as a command line tool.

While in beta please restrict editing to your own userspace, or preferably, sign up at test wikipedia and use that.

From reading the comments on AAM, it seems many of your readers are Excel gurus.

I use Excel a lot at work but feel like I’m only scratching the surface of what the software can do.

I’m familiar with basic formulas (think =SUM and =AVERAGE) and recently learned how to subtotal and reference other worksheets, but what are some other tricks that readers find most useful?


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