Wondergirls dating

After releasing successful follow up singles, their status as National Girl Group was cemented.

Seeing potential in the overseas market, Park Jin Young (the CEO and producer of JYP Entertainment) decided to send them to the United States - while their venture there wasn't exactly a flop, they didn't enjoy the success that JYP expected for them.

The girls arrive in New York city to prepare for their U. tour but because of their fun, mischievous personalities they enter themselves into the Apollo Amateur Competition under the stage name, "The Asian Invasion".

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But netizens were calling bluff on the report, questioning the legitimacy of its sources and the lack of pictorial evidence.

True enough, the agency was quick to rubbish rumours.

While Yeeun was in the writing/producing process for Wonder Girls' promotions, Jinwoon would play the guitar and sing for the demo track. When hanging out with label-mates or other large groups together, they would actually try to hide the fact that they were in a relationship.

Wonder girls have arrived, and they are taking New York city by storm!

They went on hiatus and eventually Sohee decided not to resign with JYP, and her and Sunye's departures from the group were eventually confirmed to be permanent.

After three years of absence, they came back; this time as an actual band, playing instruments onstage.

After a long absence, they returned to promoting in Korea while still occasionally having another go in the US.

Fans were taken by surprise with the announcement of leader Sunye's pregnancy and marriage in 2012.

While Korean agencies have long been said to conceal relationships of its stars from the public, we think it’s rather unlikely in this case, judging by the slew of Korean celebrity couples that have been coming out in the open of late.

And there you have it – Soo Hyun and So-hee aren’t dating.

A rep told various Korean news outlets that while the stars know each other, the rumours were “groundless”.


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