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I recently had the same problem and solved it by shutting down windows and then restarting it. Only at shutdown it started installing updates and then the next boot it found the next set up updates.Neither magicandre1981 nor Moab's answers assisted me.

After install of SUR package reboot, connect to internet and do a manual Windows Update, it should work much faster now.

Even after these fixes I have seen some W7 PC's take up to an hour to finish checking for updates if launched from Control Panel manually.

Reboot Windows whenever asked by the installed [email protected] Diniz for me they work.

you can also search for them here: Change the KBXXXXXX to the real KB number like…Thanks, this worked for a DVD install of Windows 7 SP1.

On a 4GHz eight core 16GB on an SSD it took about ten minutes to find the updates (in case anyone else encounters this scenario and is wondering how long to wait). Since some time KB3102810 is the only way to solve the Windows Update stuck at searching for updates problem but recently after installing 100 updates or so the problem returns.

KB3020369 KB3172605 In my case I had attempted these previously, but it appears that the order along with the clean boot and Windows Update setting were critical.

This worked for me, reinstall of oem windows 7, just hanged, tried the rollup 2016 but no luck, I think it was the oder it was done and turning off the updates THEN rebooting..... Thanks I had the same experience - Windows would check for updates forever.

After following both procedures (on a virtualbox I reset back to the same snapshot) I still had the hung update search. I have no idea what update got everything sorted out but using this sledge hammer I was able to get a bunch downloaded and installed.

Then did a normal windows update and it had another ~30 and I was all up to date again :)If you're on Windows 8.1 and looking for a solution, this worked for me:…

This is for those of you (like me) who have tried every solution you could find with no joy.


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