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WATCH: What’s Next for Princess Charlotte “Also, having so many friends who, if I ever even vaguely look like getting uppity, which touch wood I never have, they would just say, ‘Look, come on, pull yourself together! ’ ” She was not ill-prepared for royal life, though.Camilla said she has her upbringing in the British gentry to thank for her ability to adapt.

Rotunda in his dissolution of marriage case in Hernando County, Florida.

As you know, these cases involve the private lives of the participants and sometimes unpleasant disputes.

Wyatt filed a counter-petition for divorce in Hernando County to request an injunction that would force his wife to keep quiet about the situation.

Wyatt claims Samantha made "defamatory statements about the husband to several people in the community in an effort to ruin his reputation." Samantha responded and said Wyatt's allegations are an "attempt to pull the wool over the public's eyes when his antics and affairs become more public." Her response to his injunction request included the following: "It is a shame that the Husband would make such false claims and attempt such media gaming. Rotunda will not only prove Husband's allegation and claims are nothing more than a media ploy and endeavor to create an offense to defend his adultery and misdeeds. Husband's deceitful allegations and defamatory statements are decidedly an attempt to pull the wool over the public's eyes when his antics and affairs become more public." Samantha has hired high-profile Miami lawyer Ray Rafool.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is opening up about her highly publicized affair with Prince Charles — and how the intense press scrutiny eft her feeling like a prisoner in her own home.

In a candid interview with magazine, the royal recalled the media storm surrounding her relationship with the Prince of Wales, an affair that occurred while she was still married to her first husband Andrew Parker-Bowles and Charles was still married to the late Princess Diana. But the children came and went as normal — they just got on with it, and so did great friends,” the 69-year-old said. It was a deeply unpleasant time and I wouldn’t want to put my worst enemy through it.

He said: "Samantha is saddened by the divorce as she and the husband have been together since college (Troy University in Alabama).

But she hopes that all may be resolved amicably and as soon as possible so that she and their daughters may move forward with their lives." Wyatt's lawyer, Jim Knox of Hernando County, issued this statement: "I do represent Mr.

They began an on-again, off-again relationship with Parker-Bowles turning a blind eye.

The two remained married until 1995 and had two children together, food critic Tom Parker-Bowles and art curator Laura Lopes.

He told The Daily Mail that he has phone records showing Wyatt is maintaining "continuous contact" with Jo Jo.

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