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I love Evan very much and will miss him always." Regardless of what was really going on here as far as Carrey visiting, the fact that Mc Carthy aired that dirty laundry in public two years after the breakup might hint at the level of strain felt between them.

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And I'm sure it's the same for Jim."In the same segment, Mc Carthy added that she and Carrey had become friends since the breakup, which certainly seems to be true now.

Of course, saying they've "become" friends definitely implies that things were not always quite so rosy, but the actress didn't comment further.

For a while, it sure seemed like they were meant to be.

But to everyone's shock, the pair abruptly parted ways in 2010, with barely a word as to why.

For five years, Jenny Mc Carthy and Jim Carrey were a picture-perfect Hollywood couple.

They had plenty of adorable moments together, too — from the time Carrey hired an airplane to write a love message for Mc Carthy on Valentine's Day, to the support they showed one another during life-changing moments like the birth of Carrey's grandchild.Now five years later, fans are still left wondering: why Jenny Mc Carthy and Jim Carrey split up?Part of the curiosity is likely due to just how happy the two lovebirds once seemed; and also that it wasn't immediately made clear to the public what went wrong.“We know she had breast surgery that month, we know she had oxycodone prescribed to her that month." TAYLOR SWIFT TRIAL: EX-DJ TESTIFYING IN GROPING CASE White’s family tried to block the medical records from being used citing privacy but Judge Deirdre Hill ruled they may be utilized.The medical records may also prove if White had any sexually transmitted diseases.In any case, it is admirable that the pair have been able to move past resentment they may have had because, let's be honest, that's a whole lot easier said than done.

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