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Sean noticed that even though Elliot had a makeover, things at the hospital weren't really different for her - she was still a slave to her job. routinely attempts to ridicule Sean in front of Elliot, Turk and Carla, but these efforts usually backfire. choose to lie and told Sean that nothing had happened, putting Elliot's happiness ahead of his own. Sean also liked being able to see his own reflection from Turk's head. After missing a date with Sean, he was prepared to leave her again, but Elliot promised that she would choose him over her job whenever it was her choice. dislikes Sean, hating the fact that Elliot was with another man when he was in love with her. After Sean returns from New Zealand, he senses that something is wrong with his relationship with Elliot and asks J. if anything had happened between the two of them while he was away. Kim Briggs and Sean were introduced in the period after J.

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He comes back, though, and the two resolve to make the long-distance romance work. After Elliot dumps him, Sean lets himself go, growing a beard and living like a homeless man on the sidewalk outside his own apartment building. Elliot introduces Sean to Kim Briggs during her seventh year at Sacred Heart.

While Sean was away, a patient makes Elliot realize that it is more important to have someone who is always there for you. He began dating Kim and he was also quite upset when he found out that Sammy was J.

She was first dating with American top rapper and singer Al B.

Sure in 1990 and later she gave their first child as a son named Quincy Jones in 1991.

However more recently this on and off again pair sure has had a busy ride.

Following over two decades of love, hate and everything in between Combs and mother of three of his children, Kim seems to have jumped back on the relationship bike.

However her previous son also adopted by Sean, and they have three children together with a son Christian born on 1998, and twin daughter D' Lila and Jessie born on 2006.

But later in 2007, they had split their relationship, and she began dating with Jackie Long.

She isn't most famous by own fame, but her profession as a model and the female rapper.

There isn't her exact career and of her career starting on the wiki media.

After pretending to be more confident, she demanded that he ask her out, which he did. regrets the decision when he realizes he does not love Elliot. Turk and Sean did not interact much, but Turk told Sean that he did not have a problem with him after he stormed out of the room away from Sean with J.

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