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Then, Lorelai’s father leaves Luke money in his will to franchise Luke’s diner, and he’s dragged along on a real estate adventure with Emily – and doesn’t tell Lorelai.

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Ultimately, they patched things up, and in the series finale, it looked like they might (maybe? Of course, that’s not even to the closure that fans wanted.

However, thanks to the Netflix “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” revival released on Friday, viewers got to see Lorelai tie up every loose end in her life, including the big Luke question.

She'd probably be first violin, I also think maybe oboe. Just speaking from the pilot, from the very beginning you kind of see His gruffness brings out her sort of flirtatiousness or something.

Just drag it out as long as you can, because that's the soul of drama. That kind of tension, that kind of concentrated tension Tension where you can stretch that out for a while.

Every solid TV series has a will they-won’t they couple that drives the drama.

For “Gilmore Girls,” that was Lorelai and Luke, the single mom and the grumpy eternal bachelor who seemed like soulmates from the very first scene of the very first episode.Plus, over the scenes of the wedding, producers play “Reflecting Light” by Sam Phillips.For those who don’t remember, Luke and Lorelai shared their first dance in Season 4 in that song, when it became obvious they were about to finally get together. In this segment, Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson discuss how Luke & Lorelai are very different instruments but "together they make a weirdly appealing sound.” Watch the full episode on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network. ) I think from Day 1 fans were rooting for Luke and Lorelei, and ultimately he was the guy who stole her heart. So I said you look good, we're not in fifth grade. If they were instruments in the orchestra [MUSIC] They're very different instruments but kind of together they make weirdly appealing sound. Well unless you want to be mountain man all your life you've got to abide by the rules. Then creator Amy Sherman-Palladino exited the show, leaving the new showrunner with bombshell.


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