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“We’ll miss the hard training days that we dreaded so, so much and I think I’ll really miss competing and being a part of the Canadian Olympic team.” Whether or not they lace up for another Olympics, the decision won’t be about unmet skating goals.

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As Tessa puts it: “The next few months is a time for us to say ‘Yes’ and try new things and maybe step out of our comfort zone and really explore.” Neither one seems daunted by branching out into the world beyond skating.

Tessa attributes that adaptability to their supportive families.

Recently, their magic has stirred up an even more voracious feeding frenzy than usual, drumming up an insatiable appetite for more of Tessa & Scott, the brand.

In the months surrounding the 2014 Olympic Winter Gamesthey graced the covers of countless magazines.

Those possibilities include welcoming a little breathing room into their lives.

“We don’t know if we’re retiring but we know that we’re going to take at least a little bit of time off, and it is kind of nice,” says Scott.

“We’ve grown up with parents who never really wanted us to identify ourselves as skaters,” she says.

“So we’re Tessa and Scott the people, the students, so many other things, and skating is what we do, it’s not who we are.

He’s also thinking of pursuing some non-academic, more hands-on endeavours, like woodworking or contracting with his older brother.

“(My career) was always about skating and it’ll be fun to learn different trades,” he says.

“We’ve been skating together for 17 years, been living in Canton, Michigan for 10, so it’s kind of exciting to think about post-amateur skating and getting back to our hometown, getting back to Canada.” So far, the reality of their decision to take a break hasn’t really hit them.


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