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I'm currently working on a rewrite of which I hope to start posting soon.

The basics of those first few chapters won't change, just mostly some minor cosmetic cleanup. With the Hogwarts students held hostage, the Ministry has surrendered.

Surprisingly, at least to me, those and this one are the most popular stories I've written. which now gives me a chance to make a slight change in cast. The battered Firefly class ship Serenity may be the answer to her prayers and the crew the path to her future. Slow updates Harry and Hermione soul bond at the end of Go F. What happens when Harry and Hermione bind at a young age?

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Look, I'm a really nice guy most of the time, and seldom get too upset over stuff, but when you criticize a writer without bothering to read even the briefest of author's notes, you deserve to have what you have to say, stupidly for the most part, deleted. Please Note: I have removed GROWING UP GRANGER, at least for the time being, and moved it to the unfinished fics file called Dementia on Steroids. Ch73-"Oh, Christmas Tree" Ch74-"Big Games" Ch75-"Vin" Ch76-"The Cellphone Plan" Ch77-"Holiday Decor" Ch78-"Wrap It Up" Ch79-"Sweets for the Sweet." Ch80-"With a Little Help from My Friends"At the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry sees his chance to strike down his enemies - and takes it. Like a good friend she decides to follow him one night to make sure he's safe.

It is, unfortunately, unlikely I will ever return to finish that story as it was starting down a road too similar to one of my others. Imagine her surprise when she finds a little blond waiting for her friend.

I'm also adding a prologue and additional first chapter or possibly several to get the gang through first year. All of magical Britain is now under the rule of Lord Voldemort.

I have a lot of ideas to go on with it, which will include most of . All, that is, but for those few at Diricawl Academy of Magical Studies. This is the tale of Liara Hawke, a young woman looking to flee from the past that haunts her and seeks to hunt her down.

I have also lived in California, Wyoming, Florida, Nebraska (yes, where I is now) Arkansas, Alaska, North Carolina, South Dakota, Oregon, Texas, & a year in Korea thanks to the US Air Force... But I have still never seen New England for some reason, even having been in or through over 40 states. I keep forgetting to add this (but finally found the right 'round tuit): The little critter I'm holding in the picture is a baby alpaca about two hours old.

My last ex and I farmed them and this little guy was, iirc, the second born on the farm.

If so, it will be noted in the beginning of the chapter. But after a very cryptic encounter with Luna Lovegood, Harry begins to question everything he knows about his life. Central to answering this question is finding out who truly is the Boy-Who-Lived? Before the first task in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Moody told Harry to 'play to your strengths' and Harry took those words to heart. This is canon compliant until the scene where Harry and Ron fight in Book 7. What if Harry didn't bump into the Weasleys at Kings Cross on his first day? H/Hr will be H/Hr/others will contain m/f & m/f/f/f with occasional f/f and a soul bond with a twist. Story Number 10: That's one way to take down a dark lord! A drunk Helen Granger has found something strange to drink in Hermione's room when Harry comes looking for Hermione after another fight with Ron. Regulus saw many things throughout his short life, including the cruelty of the Blacks, the mistakes of Dumbledore, and the horrors of war. Now, he has what he always wanted: a loving family, and he'll need their help to take on the magical world and vanquish the dark lord who has pursued him from birth. But Harry's done some thinking, and is going to drop some truths on the assembled.

Of course the Wizard World was less than pleased with the new Harry. Two shot – COMPLETEVoldemort has always wanted to kill him, and the support of magical Britain has been inconsistent at best. ****On Hiatus****After Dumbledore reveals the prophecy and Harry thinks it over, he decides to take it a step further than Dumbledore. The boy-who-lived becomes the boy-who-gets-it-done. When Hermione shows up the next day she has to cope with the mess she finds. HP / HG pairing Harry is at the end of his rope; he's no saviour, he's just a frightened and hurting adolescent who has been asked to do too much. It's a short one-shot that is mostly book compliant, aside from the epilogue. Fallout from the world trying to rid itself of magic is just too great. I dislike the Weasley family in general and Ron in specific, so you may want to pass if he's your hero. Rating is for the recounting of crimes by a Very Bad Man.

His name is Barrister (guess where that came from), though we called him Barry.


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