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“I don’t care what part I’m playing — if I’m scoring film or producing or singing,” he says.

Was it difficult to relive them through your music? It always takes me a minute to figure out the company I might be keeping isn't always the best, but I'm working on that.

SAADIQ: I had never really talked about my family tragedies, and it's funny because it didn't really hit me until some years later because when you're in the moment you're still experiencing it and piecing everything together. I got the music down, but I'm definitely working on becoming a better private investigator.

The couple spent some quality time sun-bathing, laying out, and Raphael seemed to REALLY enjoy the view as the caramel-skinned TV-host had water drippin’ all over her bawwwwwwwwdy when she took a dip in the ocean to cool off. Peep the pics of those bangin’ BET thighs on blast after the flip.

I want to make sure that I give people more than just a six-piece record or generic throwback. COM: As a music veteran, do you ever feel a need to keep up with the Joneses of today's younger artists? came out we were already playing music that was ahead of the times.

SAADIQ: First of all, I don't think any artist should ever try to do what another does. Now, I don't know if the young heads are going to get it and truly understand my music without doing the research to understand where my influences come from.

I've never tried to appeal to a younger generation. There's a huge difference from when I was growing up and today's kids who are sitting home watching Barney.

Wiki has also explained their love life is stable and great running till the end to divorce.

He is managing his time on music group, songs, and albums on one hand and girlfriend on other side.

His affiliation with Pookie Entertainment in 2002 also took a good example behind his professional success. He is dating Joss Stone from 2007 till present time and Joss seems happy being introduced as his girlfriend.

Jose is very supportive in terms of Saadiq’s career and he states she is great source of inspiration to him.

While he was 7 years old while his brother was murdered in front of him.


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