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Although the Yue had an inchoate knowledge of agriculture and shipbuilding, Han dynasty Chinese writers depicted the Yue as tribal backward barbarians who had tattoos, lived in primitive conditions, and lacked basic technology as swords, bows, arrows, horses and chariots.Many modern southern Chinese dialects bear traces of substrate languages originally spoken by the ancient Yue.The dog had previously been sentenced to die by a Texas judge in February 2014 after he attacked a trainer named Amber Rickles.

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Rickles backed into a laundry room where the dog released his grip, enabling Ms. The pit bull then broke through the door and attacked Ms.

Rickles a third time, latching onto her left arm and breaking it in two places,' reads the suit as obtained by Courthouse News.

Zhao led the peasants to rise up against the much despised Qinshi Emperor.

Unlike Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Zhao respected Yue customs, rallied their local rulers, and forced local chiefs to be controlled by central government administrators.

The Han dynasty historian Sima Qian in his book Records of the Grand Historian wrote: "In the south he seized the land of the hundred tribes of the Yue and made of it Guilin and Xiang provinces, and the lords of the hundred Yue bowed their heads, hung halters from their necks, and pleaded for their lives with the lowest officials of the Qin." Emperor Qin Shi Huang imposed sinification by importing Han Chinese settlers to displace, weaken, and ultimately eliminate the indigenous Yue culture and sense of Yue ethnic consciousness to prevent nationalism that could potentially lead to the desire of independent states.

To exercise even greater control to sinicize and displace the indigenous Yue, Qin Shi Huang forced the settlement of thousands of Han Chinese immigrants, many of which were convicted felons and exiles to move from northern China to the newly annexed Qin domains.Variations of the name are still used for the name of modern Vietnam, in Zhejiang-related names including Yue Opera, and in the abbreviation for Guangdong.In the 5th millennium BC, the lower Yangtze area was already a major population centre, occupied by the Hemudu and Majiabang cultures, who were among the earliest cultivators of rice.According to the Han dynasty historian Sima Qian, King Goujian of Yue was descended from the legendary Yu the Great.In 512 BC, Wu launched a large expedition against the large state of Chu, based in the Middle Yangtze River.However, Bitney's suit claims his facility released the dog, which had a history of attacking people and other dogs, while knowing it was a danger'Thereafter, Cesar Millan and his Dog Psychology Center, agreed to take over custody and control of the pit bull and not to release it until it was "fully deemed a safe member of society,"' reads complaint.


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