Who is leonardo dicaprio dating 2016

After enjoying a romantic beach day in Malibu, California in July, they were spotted later that month partying in Ibiza, Spain, with Di Caprio’s longtime friend Maguire and a yacht full of their closest friends. Like, right out in the open at the table.” By last October, a source told PEOPLE that the coupled seemed “more serious.” “Leo seems very into her,” the source said. 💖💖💖 (📷 by Lauren Dumas Schryver) A post shared by The Post and Courier (@postandcourier) on When Di Caprio turned 42 last November, Agdal was on hand for a special trip to French Polynesia with him and his mother, Irmelin Indenbirken, PEOPLE confirmed.

A trip to the Hamptons last August ended with a fender-bender, though a source quickly confirmed that both were “doing great” following the minor accident. And later in the month, Agdal and Di Caprio were seen spending Thanksgiving Eve together in Charleston, South Carolina.

“We talked about how the United States has the potential to lead the world in clean energy manufacturing, and research and development," he recalled.

Another man said Bill Murray held the school record for detentions while basketball star Lebron James was said to be 'obsessed with basketball' and constantly talking about how he was going to be in the NBA one day.

Leonardo Di Caprio has announced he will be giving $20m to climate change charities and took a swipe at Donald Trump in the process.

She told her that maybe if she focused more on her school work and less on her gigs, she’d be more successful…

Awkward….''Apparently when she was asked what her interests were she would mention in passing that she was trying to write a book.

Earlier this week, Di Caprio and pal Tobey Maguire were spotted partying at L. Oscar winner Di Caprio, 41, and Agdal, 24, were first spotted together in May 2016, and a source confirmed to PEOPLE in July that the pair were hooking up.

At the latter club, star was reportedly spotted dancing with model Ella Ross, who has recently been linked to Scott Disick.Throwback: Teachers and former peers of today's stars have taken to social media to share what celebrities were like in school, with some saying Kanye West was great at poetry and confident he'd be a famous rapper Sticking to himself: 'Leonardo Di Caprio - didn’t get along well with the other kids, came in during lunch to eat with the teachers and faculty,' he wrote (Leonardo pictured left at 19 and right in February) Not so quirky: 'Went to middle school with "Ke$ha".She was totally normal girl that just liked to sing. Was definitely the best singer of the school,' one woman wrote 'Went to middle school with "Ke$ha". Fairly quiet in general and seemed nice,' one woman wrote. Said she was almost the complete opposite of who she is now in terms of how she dresses herself and stuff but was definitely an oddball.Jackson, Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio about potential roles - as well as Margot Robbie who he's rumoured to want for the role of real-life actress Sharon Tate - claims that Tarantino is considering Tom Cruise for a key role in the film.Hundreds of teachers and former peers of today's stars have taken to social media to share the truth about what they were like in the schoolyard - from Leonardo Di Caprio and Kesha to Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga.They again fled to warmer weather in the final month of 2016, traveling to Cancun with Lukas Haas and a mystery brunette. “Leo was in a booth next to the deejay and basically gazing longingly into Nina’s eyes,” a partygoer told PEOPLE at the time. They were very relaxed together.” After the Oscars on Feb.


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