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The pair got engaged the following year, and in June 2014, they tied the knot in a small ceremony held in East Hampton, New York.

I am working on a television series about the revolutions happening in our culture, communities and families for National Geographic that brought me to Charlottesville last weekend. He was just 27 years old when he opened his first restaurant, the Union Square Cafe.

In 1987, she returned to Washington and took a job as a reporter at an NBC affiliate station there.

In 1988, shortly before her marriage to Jay Monahan, a lawyer based in Washington, Couric was hired as the No. invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War from her Pentagon position, as well as from a newly-created post at NBC's morning show, , she conducted many sought-after interviews with individuals such as First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anita Hill, George Bush, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell and Jerry Seinfeld.

Her $7 million yearly salary elevated her into the ranks of the top personalities in TV news, including prime-time anchors Diane Sawyer, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather.

That same year, however, Couric faced profound tragedy in her personal life: Monahan, then a legal analyst with NBC News, died in January following a six-month battle with colon cancer. After her husband's untimely death, Couric mounted an aggressive campaign to raise money for research and testing in order to fight colon cancer.

Couric embarked on her new position as global news anchor for Yahoo in early 2014.

In this role, she undertook traditional anchor responsibilities of reporting on live events and conducting interviews, while also hosting the series Katie Couric had two daughters with first husband Jay Monahan: Elinor Tully "Ellie" Monahan was born on July 23, 1991, and Caroline "Carrie" Couric Monahan was born on January 5, 1996.

Couric debuted as the solo evening news anchor for CBS on September 5, 2006—the first evening newscast to be simulcast live on the internet and local radio stations.

Nearly 13.6 million viewers tuned in, bringing in the highest ratings for the show since February 1998. Murrow Award for best newscast in 20, but her overall ratings fell short of the network's expectations.

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