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We know directly that the Chief has only had a few hours sleep on many days due to his commitment to the residents of Falmouth.

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This prompted the legislative body to consider passing a law that sets the age of consent at 13.

This seems a little extreme to people here in Greater Portland.

For 15 years Doyle ran the site (see below) displaying in gruesome detail how corrupt Dyer and De Troy conducted themselves.

Not once did De Troy or Dyer sue Doyle to dispute any on the hundreds of pages of documents on that site.

Such as not telling Doyle that Van Dyke was being sued for malpractice and De Troy was representing Van Dyke while De Troy, one of Doyle’s business lawyers, was using attorney/client information to put distance between himself and a massive malpractice lawsuit with De Troy as a defendant due to his own recommendations in a fax from Dyer to Doyle (see below, In this fax sent 3 months AFTER the state had opened an investigation, Dyer points out a joint meeting in De Troy’s office with Denis Dancoes, whose wife Sheila Donahue is lawyer at Unum, and Doyle establishing De Troy’s attorney/client relationship with Doyle and item c. This is the opposite of De Troy’s proffered testimony to the State as their Witness in Chief.

) promoting the crimes that Doyle was subsequently charged with.During the quest to verify the authenticity of the document it was said the letterhead did not match what was in use at that time, the wording was not what De Troy would have used, but not once was the signature of De Troy’s disputed. When Doyle first received the letter his son said, “Everyone’s going to say you faked it.” Doyle’s reply was, “Do I have any computer skills to come up with this? If I did have those skills would I have faked this letter before or after I went to jail?” To be clear this letter arrived months after Doyle was released and he believes this was De Troy’s way of bragging about screwing his own client without any consequences for his deceit.Perhaps they could get a more competent reporter from the 8th grade English class. When she turned 18 and graduated from high school they got married.In Paris recently two statutory rape cases of 11 year-old girls were lost by the State due to NO coercive use in the sex act.This just in, on December 6, 2017, at a Council meeting at the Wentworth School, the Old Fool was elected Council Chairman.

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