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They were leaving when they spotted two devastating dames seated at a table with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. “We’re having a party at Joe’s place.” The girls grabbed their purses and followed Broadway Joe out the door.”What were they going to say? The press was waiting to interview him in the clubhouse.

“But then they make a turn, go up a hill, leave the golf carts and disappear with the girls for about an hour,” recalled sportscaster Sal Marchiano. The girls are still with them.” He added: “We all had this feeling that Joe could get laid any time he wanted.

After the workout, Joe Cool sauntered over to Mamie and, still in uniform, slid into her ride.

As the two motored off, his coaches waved farewell: “Have a good time, Joe.

“They became groupies, going up to him and saying ‘Hey Joe! “Cause I Get Better Looking Every Day,” and asked him to sign them for her sister. “Mickey Mantle always had to pretend he was a faithful husband,” Kriegel said. Her first line in the ad was, “I’m so excited, I’m going to get creamed,” after which she lathers up Namath with a dollop of foam.

He obliged and said, “Say, Peggy, by the way, what are you doing tonight? He flashes his megawatt grin and replies, “You’ve got a great pair of hands.” It wasn’t all smooth sailing.

See you tomorrow.” While rookie quarterback Sanchez has had his moments — a fashion shoot with a supermodel, chomping on a hot dog on the sidelines during a game — he has a long way to go to match Joe’s magic.

“Forty years later, they haven’t come up with a folklore as compelling as Joe’s,” said Mark Kriegel, whose critically acclaimed bio, “Namath,” was a best-seller. The Jets and NBC needed a leading man, a star who could do for Sunday afternoons what other stars had done in prime time.

I saw the Super Bowl, and it was the greatest game I’ve ever seen.'” Namath received the compliments graciously — then went right back to his table, and Welch. “I don’t care.” As the cameras rolled, the 20-year-old ice queen, wearing a mini-skirt and looking like a “green-eyed China doll,” according to one account, revealed that she grew up a tomboy, playing baseball and climbing trees. But Joe didn’t have to lie.” Namath did a number of provocative TV commercials, including one for Noxzema shave cream with an aspiring actress then working as the Ultra Brite toothpaste spokesmodel.

A similar scene played out in 1970 during a trip to the Playboy mansion — Hollywood’s biggest stars rushing the quarterback like giddy, screeching schoolgirls, Dowd told The Post. He just was.” He even won over Peggy Fleming, the Olympic skating champ with the squeaky-clean image, after she ripped him in print for being a “mess.” She was booked as a guest on Namath’s TV show, and one of his producers pulled out the offending newspaper clip and showed it to him just as Fleming arrived for the taping. “There’s no trouble telling that you’re a girl now,” said a smiling Broadway Joe. After the show, she pulled out two copies of his book, “I Can’t Wait for Tomorrow … Joe showed up for the shoot at a Manhattan studio with a six-pack of beer — and was wowed by his gorgeous co-star: Farrah Fawcett.

Fine, Joe said — until he noticed that one table was occupied by a group of mobsters, including future Colombo family boss Carmine “Junior” Persico, a steady customer who’d never caused a problem. “I got no problem if you want to move them,” Namath told the feds.

“But you’re going to have to ask them yourself.” Everyone at the bar laughed.

“The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” said a bar-owner pal.


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