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In 2010, he took part in National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association as an event speaker. Next year, he created the Harvey Levin Productions.

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Obviously friends knew I was gay but professionally I had to shut it out.

And I believe, at the time, there was good cause for thinking I’d get fired. My biggest joy was just never having to leave my house.” He remembers that when he was out with friends and if they were in a gay establishment, he used his ability to scan a room “in three seconds” to find out if there was anyone he knew there.

This production company has been producing several programs and shows from that time on. Edit Before 2010, Harvey's sexual orientation was not known as he was not married.

In 2010, he took part in National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association as an event speaker.

’ and that you can push it and challenge it is also really important.” ‘Eastsiders’ to return on November 28!

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I think he’s just blinded by the fact that the President calls him on the phone.

Levin "just really likes powerful people, and he really likes having friends who are powerful, and who better than the President of the United States?

“I think it’s important for people to see that you can survive and thrive and do well and prosper and there are no recriminations for the most part – although there are in some cases.” “Still acknowledging that there are prejudices, that fact that what people build up in their heads is often way more than the reality than what it is,” he added.


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