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Sharon Denton, Kinesiology degree from the University of N.

Sharon works with clients weekly in Yoga Therapy and in Personal Training.

Sharon’s Mission is to initiate the process of change and ensure that her clients take the actions necessary to accomplish their goals.

She doesn’t just teach the yoga positions but always reminds you of the spiritual part of the practice.

There are no shortcuts or ego moves, it’s about the traditional form of ashtanga.

Sharon has completed certified courses in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Yog Darshan) and in Transformation Meditation.

Sharon has also placed nationally & internationally in Fitness and Body Building competitions in her past.Over time, my strength and flexibility really increased.Sharon’s Saturday morning class really grew to become the highlight of my entire week. Just like I experienced in her classes, I want my peeps to work and still leave watch a big smile.I was a young mother searching for groundedness and in our friendship.I found my mommy strength and my calling to inspire and encourage yoga students.If you want to know yoga, just being in her presence will inform you. And I am thrilled to say that I now pratice 4 to 5 times a week. Many years went by when I wasn’t practicing, and then I began again for real in 1998.

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