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Nearly a third of the funds available for science research at America’s top 50 universities currently come from private donations.

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Fighting poverty is one of the oldest charitable imperatives.

This in turn often requires battling syndromes that lead to poverty—like family breakdown, alcohol and drug abuse, or unfair bias.

Like many new intellectual fields, data science is just starting to develop consistent understandings and ways of working, and its practitioners are fitfully separating themselves from related areas of knowledge like statistics, information technology, mathematics, and graphic arts.

University programs are doing most of this exploration at the frontiers of today’s data explosion, and San Diego donor Taner Halicioglu is making the University of California, San Diego one of the leaders in this area.

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The new field of “data science” trains people in how to sift, clean, organize, and make practical use of the huge new mounds of information now being produced by computer networks.

A UCSD graduate himself, Halicioglu was the first full-time hire of Facebook when he joined the firm as a software engineer, and subsequently became wealthy as the firm mushroomed.

After leaving Facebook and becoming a lecturer back at his alma mater, he made a million gift to the UCSD computer department in 2015.

— Section research provided by By 2017, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation had already donated more than million to fix a problem the rest of the world was just becoming aware of: a large fraction of all scientific research today is badly flawed, impossible to reproduce, and inaccurate.

When it comes to improving the quality of science, says science watchdog John Ioannidis, “the Arnold Foundation has been the Medici.” One beneficiary has been the Reproducibility Project, launched by a University of Virginia professor to test how many of the studies published in top psychology journals could be repeated with the same experimental result by other scientists. With Arnold funding, this has led to new efforts to improve the quality and integrity of research by helping, and pressing, scientists to post their raw data for public study and otherwise be more open about their procedures and assumptions.

Philanthropists often act to make their fellow citizens more prosperous, and to spread economic flourishing broadly among all Americans.


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