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So of course I had to get this sexy little something.

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She was bullied a lot when she was an adolescent and called names in high school.

She felt embarrassed and even looked down upon herself when growing up, but she overcame all the name calling by diverting her attention to something more positive.

Busting beauty myths, uploading makeup tutorials, posting shopping hauls, vlogging fitness regimes and much more, is what you will find on her channel.

She has her own blog as well, with the same purpose as her channel.

So, we can say that this lovely couple is probably made for each other because of their long history of affair since high school.

And when Brett approached Carli they quickly started dating each other and it was Brett who proposed Carli when the relationship grew pretty intense.

It looks like the couple has grown even closer in their three years living in relationship.

With recent success on youtube, Carli and Cap are searching for a suitable home to start their next chapter of life living together.

Thus, she found her key to success and hasn’t looked back since.

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