When does willow start dating oz

“The Body” (5.16): In a show that is all about death, this episode, in which Buffy’s mother unexpectedly dies, brought home the reality of mortality with riveting performances from all of the cast.8.

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Xander is Willow’s equal in terms of agency, because they both lack the ability to alter events around them.

Throughout Season One and into Season Two Willow’s computer hacking skills develop and her role within the Scooby Gang becomes more important, as she surpasses her seemingly juvenile feelings for Xander.

An extension of this use of metaphor can be seen in the character development of Willow.

Her sexual evolution is a metaphor for her sexual awakening and empowerment.

Willow’s sexual development really starts in Season Two when she begins a relationship with Oz: guitarist and werewolf.

Oz is powerful and cool, attributes that Willow does not see in herself.The formative years of Willow’s development are spent yearning for the oblivious Xander, until she is pulled into the world of Oz, who is himself a supernatural being.After enduring the loss of Oz to the darkness of his inner werewolf, Willow develops an unexpected and sensual relationship with Tara, whose influence on Willow is undeniable and shapes her magical and sexual developments.While it is not ideal to define anyone, even fictional characters, by their relationships with others, the trajectory of Willow’s story is shaped by her burgeoning sexuality and the impact of her lovers on her development.Willow’s transformation from nerdy, impotent girl to the most powerful member of the Scooby Gang, reflects a different way of telling queer stories. At first I just didn’t buy that a show set at a high school about a vampire slayer named Buffy could possibly be any good, but once I started watching the show (thank God I did! These are just listed chronologically in order of air date — I don’t know if I could bring myself to rank them in any kind of order. “Halloween” (2.06): In this Season 2 classic, Buffy and the gang are magically transformed into their Halloween costumes.


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