Naturally, it also adds a social aspect to playing, as you’re interacting with actual people – just like in a home game or live poker room – as opposed to faceless entities.Some online casinos, such as Paddy Power, have incorporated webcams into their casino games so that players can interact with the dealer – and that move has been highly successful, with millions of players enjoying live casino games online.


Requiring a webcam to play pretty much puts an end to most of that, and people cherish their freedom.

In my opinion, as entertaining as the GPL’s debut has been, it probably isn’t going to cause a paradigm shift.

Beyond the GPL though, it would take a much more concerted effort by the major online poker operators to truly popularize webcam poker.

More innovative events that incorporate webcam play would be required, and live streaming the final tables of these events on Twitch would be a positive step too.

Despite the aforementioned benefits, webcam online poker remains relatively unpopular.

Quite a few online poker operators have tried it out in the past, and the reactions have varied from being mixed to overwhelmingly negative.

It also provides different audio input (system sound/microphone) and various video formats (MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc.).

You are also able to highlight mouse clicks in the recording and customize video bitrate, frame rate and many more.

He was funny and entertaining, while at the same time providing some great and informative insights into his play.

I was wondering, though, if the surge of interest the GPL has created might finally popularize webcam online poker play?

The reason for this is simple: It tends to come off as an invasion of privacy.


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