Web cam no membersgip required

The device may require a larger share of your connection that your network provides due speeds or ISP throttling.

Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing of Internet service by an Internet service provider.

To turn off Canary All-in-One: There are a variety of reasons why your Canary device may not be able to communicate with our servers.

Make sure your device or location is set in a mode that allows Watch Live.

By default, your Home mode preferences have Watch Live enabled but do not have recording enabled.

If you are connected to the internet, but still seeing the same error message, check the Canary system status page to see if there are any temporary service interruptions affecting the Watch live experience.

If the status is "Operational" that means all things are normal with the Canary Cloud.

To learn more about Canary Membership, visit canary.is/membership/.

Note: To learn more about switching your mode, visit Why does it say “Watch Live off” on my home screen?

If the device loses its connection it would appear as offline in the app.

Canary can communicate the reasons for an offline error by changing the color and behavior of the LED lights located on the device.

If you see a red banner at the top of the Canary app that says "Unable to connect at this time," your phone is having trouble connecting to the internet.

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