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About the United Kingdom: Outside the UK many people think the United Kingdom is the same as England and the only city that comes to mind is London.

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As if that was not enough, 2012 is a leap year and that, of course, means that there is an extra day in our calendar - 29 February.

A centuries-old tradition says that, for the course of that extra day, many of society's norms and traditions could be happily ignored.

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The fire was made up and a feast of food was left on the table while the girl washed her undergarments in fresh spring water.

The underwear would then be left to dry on the back of a chair in front of the fire and, with the door unlocked, the girl would retire to bed.

The intricate spoons, decorated with keys (symbolising the key to the man's heart), wheels (I'll work hard for you) and beads (showing the number of children he would like) have become famous and are now synonymous with Welsh courting customs.


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