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We think of ourselves as a civilized species, but our brains are designed to meet the challenges of an earlier era.Among birds and many other animals voice seems to play a great role in meeting one of those demands — reproduction — and it seems to be similarly important in humans.Williams, who was adopted and raised in Brooklyn, New York, has nine children and stepchildren, and 16 grandchildren.

A field trip as a child to a meet a radio deejay inspired him to make a career out of his own voice.

While his second chance at life has surpassed his expectations, there's one company he's still hoping will someday call him: Disney-Pixar.

In January 2011, with few possessions other than a handwritten sign he clutched as cars whizzed by, Ted Williams stood in the cold at a busy intersection in Columbus, Ohio, hoping for a miracle.

"Broke, homeless, standing on a corner, addiction kicking my butt.

He's starting out with something small: doling out socks.

"A lot of homeless people, if they were like me ... And there's nothing worse than being incarcerated and not having socks, let alone being bothered by the elements, the cold weather and all.He got a haircut, a shave and offers for big-time work, including voicing commercials for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.Now, nearly five years later, "the man with the golden voice" has another dream: to give back to the homeless community in which he once languished.And in his spare time, Williams gives motivational speeches all around the country. "When I make it on the scene, it's like, 'Oh man, look at the homeless guy with the voice! Faith has kept him away from his old lifestyle, he said.'" Over the summer, he briefly considered launching a presidential bid as an Independent, but later decided he could make a difference in other ways. With a rap sheet that extends for pages — Williams' first time in prison was when he was 21, after he was caught stealing from his father — he often turns to religion to keep him strong.Brain evolution happens over many thousands or millions of years, but we’ve lived in civilized society for less than 1 percent of that time.

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