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The best way to start your visit with us would be to stop by our Juicy Champagne Bar for an apéritif.

To help you discover the city's richness, Your Tuscany offers a wide selection of luxury villas and apartments in Siena nestled in the 17 original 'contrade' or neighborhoods, each represented by a symbol (such as an Eagle, a tower, a seashell, etc). Travel tips If you're interested in spending your holiday in the Siena countryside and you want to discover Chianti and its legendary wine you should check also our Chianti villas and our Montalcino villas.

The mosaic decorations and the mythological compositions are the main characteristics of this restored Roman villa, dating back to the second century A. The name “House of Dionysus” is mainly due to the many representations of Dionysus, the god of wine.

“Antiqua Osteria da Ugo” in it’s offer has traditional specialties and also has a brewery with more than 40 domestic and foreign types of beer with pleasant space to hang out.

During the weekend you can enjoy listening to live music like pop-rock, jazz and other popular styles of music.

For the event, Kate Middleton's younger sister broke with tradition (the one where you don't wear white or black to a wedding) and outfitted herself in a black, white and floral Kenzie Gown from Erdem, which was originally priced at $3468.

The dress is certainly a big departure from her very formal, lace wedding gown by Giles Deacon.

Siena prospered during the middle ages thanks to its trades in wool and money lending; in fact, the oldest Italian banks can still be found here.

In addition, as you wander down the streets you can feel the old world sense.

The house most probably belonged to a member of the ruling Roman class or to a wealthy citizen of Paphos.

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