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200 for success, and 400 for failure) so that your web site Java Script processes can submit forms, know if the submission was successful or not, and then take further custom actions based on the result.This "AJAX Mode" is useful for: When using PDF or text template files, you can specify rules for file name creation so that each post can have a different or unique name.

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You can scale this up to a cluster of load-balanced Enterprise Class servers with a separate dedicated database server and dedicated hardware firewalls and load balancers. Secure Form integrates with any Web or PDF form hosted anywhere.

A few minutes is all that it takes to update an existing form to send its data to Secure Form for processing and delivery or storage.

When designing or updating your existing/external Web forms, you or your Web designer will have to edit a couple of lines of HTML code to direct the form submissions to Secure Form; if a content management system such as Gravity Forms for Wordpress generates or dynamically manages your forms, then you may need a little coding to integrate Secure Form.

When using Secure Form, data transmits from the end-user’s Web browser (or PDF) to Lux Sci, encrypted using strong ciphers.

You can upload a PDF to show on successful form submission and, optionally, one to display on failure.

The success PDF can be a "template" so that form data can be re-filled back into it before it is sent back to the user.

For PDFs, the user may be prompted to first confirm that they trust the address to where the form data is being sent.

Dedicated servers provide enhanced security dedicated resources.

You can insert date and time data as well as content from the form post itself.

You provide a Template (PDF or other format) and Secure Form refills it and saves that temporarily.

Once it arrives, what happens next depends on the settings you configure; the security of the results is then, to a certain degree, your choice: Secure Chat: You can send form data to recipients securely using our Secure Chat real-time communication and collaboration system.


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