Validating email in asp net

You can use a asp regex validator to confirm input, just ensure you wrap your code behind method with a if(Is Valid) clause in case your javascript is bypassed.

What do you use to validate an email address on a ASP. I want to make sure that it contains no XSS exploits. NET 1.1 validation email | this question edited Jul 13 '09 at Shimmy 39.6k 85 290 485 asked Oct 8 '08 at Brian G 16.2k 48 107 135 Any script tags posted on an ASP.

NET web form will cause your site to throw and unhandled exception.

If they don't match in their values, you can display error message by setting Error Message property as shown above.

In above example, we need only a single Compare Validator control on the page because a single comparison is made. The Range Validator Server Control makes sure that the end user value or selection provided is between a specified ranges. In above example, you might observe that we are using Range Validator control to see that valid values in the specified range are entered.

NET MVC data type attributesge = "Field can't be empty")][Data Type(Data Type.

The one they use for email addresses is: Recommend:c# - Email address validation using ASP.

So, Validation server controls offer the combined power of both approaches such that the security of application is never compromised. To make this happen, simply set the Cause Validation property to True for submit button as shown below The Required Field Validator control is simple validation control which checks to see if the data is entered for the attached control.

You can have a Required Field Validator control for each form element on which you wish to enforce Mandatory Field rule.

Using Regular Expression Validator server control, you can check a user's input based on a pattern that you define using a regular expression.

This means that you can define a structure that a user's input will be applied against to see if its structure matches the one that you define.

Therefore, you use the Control To Compare property. We can use Minimum Value and Maximum Value property to set the beginning and ending range values.


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