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Details are in Chapter 3, Changes to the Firebird API and ODS.

Naturally, with so much bug-removal and closing of holes, there are sure to be things that worked before and now no longer work.

A collection of Known Compatibility Issues is provided to assist you to work out what needs to be done in your existing system to make it compatible with Firebird 2.0.

An attempt to prepare the DDL statement would result in an “ The on-disk structure (ODS) of the databases created under Firebird has changed.

Although Firebird 2.0 will connect to databases having older ODS versions, most of the new features will not be available to them.

Note that the 64-bit ports have been done and tested for AMD64 only. The Intel IA-64 platform is not supported in this release.

A Free BSD port of the 64-bit builds has also been done.

This sub-release does not add any new functionality to the database engine but fixes two significant bugs, one of which caused the v.2.0.2 sub-release to be recalled a week after it was released.

To all intents and purposes, therefore, this is the sub-release following sub-release 2.0.1.

Give special attention to the changes required in the area of user authentication.


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