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There's also a new site called (which recently expanded into Fairfield County) that compares itself to the dating site Tinder -- popular with younger people as a place where one is more likely to find a casual date than true love.That's a concept many seniors can relate to, said Marcie Rogo, co-founder of Me how long I wanted to join , just did a update on my acct and charged me .00 for 6 months then I read this page where all the complaints were, so this morning I emailed them to cancel me, I wrote 3 times today and they have done nothing, it says if you notify them before 3 days is up.

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Researchers found that 6 percent of those 55 to 64, and 3 percent of those 65 and older, used online dating sites.

less, an on-line dating service that just launched in Fairfield County, caters to the 50 crowd.

compares itself to the dating site Tinder, popular with younger people as a place where one is ...

more, an on-line dating service that just launched in Fairfield County, caters to the 50 crowd.

I found there to be too few decent men on the AARP's dating site.

Also while the site says it is free to join, to send and receive messages to other members you need to pay and they need to pay too.

While the study showed younger people were more likely to use the sites, those approaching their senior years are hardly strangers to the Web.

There are even sites geared specifically to the over-50 crowd, including Our, and a site run by the AARP.

I can't believe AARP would get messed up in something like this, I like aarp,the magazine and everything is good, but don't waste your money on this dating site, it's a waste of time and money,it's sad , not a way to find a mate!! They overcharged me and claimed that they refunded the full amount, which they did not. Then when I gave them feedback about this, as I am not "married" to where I live, then I was "matched" for a "date" with out of state men, some clear across the country, The message I got was that there was NO one available near me to consider.

Also the feedback or how are we doing is not friendly and I get the impression that they really don't want feedback, otherwise they want money.

I think there are better senior dating options out there. I have been researching developing a proper site for 50 aged singles and thought AARP would be a perfect and natural platform.


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