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The main elements with high enrichment factors, Cu and Pb, overall exhibit a notably inorganic sulfide affinity and a weak organic affinity.

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The bioleaching results show that the extraction percentage of Cu for Chalcopyrite and bornite are two important copper minerals, and they often coexist.

The bioleaching results show that the extraction percentage of Cu for co-bioleaching of chalcopyrite (Ccp) and silver-bearing bornite (Bn) (Ccp/Bn = 3:1) was 94.6%.

We varied two key parameters to determine the efficiency of the process: (a) concentration of leaching solution (ammonium fluoride); and (b) acidity of solution.

Ammonium fluoride concentration was varied from 0.08 mol/L to 4.2 mol/L with the other fixed parameters.

Chlorite-rich planar zones marked by high values of the Carbonate–chlorite–pyrite index (CCPI) are laterally more extensive and outline a later system of ductile shear zones, in which phyllosilicates, quartz and chalcopyrite in stringer zones localized shear strain and enhanced transposition of the hydrothermal vent stockwork.

The contrasting deformation styles of these two thrusting events and their localization within the ore horizon and hydrothermal vent stockwork have important implications for vectoring towards undiscovered ore in this mature mining camp that are possibly also relevant to other strongly deformed VMS ore systems.

Granitic endogenous—syngenetic–epigenetic deposits and occurrences; 2. The area of Stara Planina with increased radioactivity (higher than 200 cps), measured by airborne gamma spectrometry, is about 380 square kilometers.

The highest values of measured radioactivity and uranium grade were obtained from a sample taken from the Mezdreja uranium mine tailing dump, where Ra measures 2600 ± 100 Bq/kg and the uranium grade is from 76.54 to 77.65 ppm U.

A change of variables is used to account for stoichiometric closure, followed by projection pursuit multivariate transformation, multivariate Gaussian simulation, and conditioning to the drill hole data.


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