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From here a wider and deeper view of Existence, and our place in it, can be seen.

236 pages ISBN: 978-1-909171-35-0 - Softback ISBN: 978-1-909171-10-7 - Hardback Author: Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi This new book by Halevi is an introduction to the Tradition, enhanced by many illustrations and diagrams.

The relationship between the body, psyche and spirit to the Divine is shown in the context of the kabbalistic tradition and contemporary working methods.

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It outlines the origins of Kabbalah in biblical, mythological and metaphysical terms that explain the origins of Existence according to Jewish mysticism.

Kabbalistic cosmology and psychology are discussed, as are schools of the soul, true and false teachers and working methods, in order to reveal the process of evolution and its aim ‘to aid God to behold God.’ This book is a synthesis of Halevi’s works.

The Kabbalah Society began to publish the books of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in 2006.

Our online Bookshop is a continuation of that process.

This book is about the complexities and subtleties of old and new schools, the laws that govern them, and what to expect and avoid.

These themes include modes of discipline, stages of development and the flowering and decline of esoteric schools, as well as the role of the teacher.

This revised edition, with its additional graphics, makes the Divine principles involved more comprehensible.

Once the metaphysics are understood, then new perceptions will come regarding the structure and dynamics of Existence and the functions of the angelics and demonics, as well as organic life and human evolution.

Video recordings of recent Kabbalistic Summer Schools are also available. This revised edition, with its new pictures and diagrams, is about a kabbalistic view of humanity.


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