Updating pro evo 2016 ghosts of dating future watch online

Players: as you might imagine, adding such a big number of teams will result in adding a huge number of new players, all players created have correct attributes, there might be some minor errors since there are more than 4000 new players added.the number of players in the patch is more than 13.000 player, around 3700 of them have real faces in this version, note that we do not create the faces, we only re-texture and re-assign, to see the face maker you can check pes-stars website.By that measure, it's neck-and-neck with NBA 2K16 as the best sports video game of this year.

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Rival series Fifa has had the fully updated squads since that game launched a couple of weeks after PES, but has the benefit of a much larger team of developers working on it.

PES 2016 is a top quality football game and better than Fifa 16, but issues like this won't help the gap between the two games in terms of sales shrink.

The first roster update has been released today (29 October), much later than fans would have wanted – and it appears many players are still not at their correct clubs.

Following feedback from fans the official Pro Evolution Soccer Twitter account has acknowledged the problem, saying: "We're aware of the missing transfers on Data Pack 1.

Someone who owns the game and has a lot of time on their hands could easily switch all the players around manually in the game's edit mode over the course of a day or two.

It's a mystery why the update took so long and an even bigger mystery as to how they still didn't do their job properly.

Hi Pes Heads, does anyone know if PES updates after the January transfer window?

On Monday, Konami apologized for its handling of rosters for offline modes in PES, which went from its Sept.

This is the full edition of smoke patch 9.5, this version is the last full patch for pes 2017, we will keep updating it but with less frequency depending on pes 2017 users.

A lot of updates in this version, mainly updating squads, teams and players, a lot of reviews in that regard, made some national call-ups for a lot of national teams, and this version have an updated boot pack with 12 new boots.

Main changes from previous version: - updated squads - updated national teams - updated leagues - added playeres - revised stats - fixed transfers - updated more kits - updated boots - optimized files General Features: Leagues: the new league switcher contains a variety of choices that you can choose from, all the teams will be available regardless of the leagues you choose, there is also an option to remove completely MLS teams from Latin america continent.

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