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Sample) Sharp B ASK GTML2ISO TOSMART P032/P064 In addition to these, the Multi ISO will also handle ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3, NFC enabled, ICODE standards, specifically: I-CODE SLI (SL2 ICS 20) I-CODE EPC (SL2 ICS 10) I-CODE UID (SL2 ICS 11) I-CODE NFC (Reader To Tag Mode) SLE 55Rxx SRF55Vxx P S SLE 66CL160S SLE 66CLX320P SR176 SRIX4K LRI 64 LRI 512 EM4135 KSW Temp Sens Tag-it™ HF-I Standard Tag-it™ HF-I Pro ASK GTML ASK GTML2ISO So far I have played with MIFARE Standard (1K) and MIFARE 4k and have obtained some MIFARE DESFIRE cards but have not yet done anything with them.

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I am very thankful for the many useful comments from all of you, and I have consolidated them below. Now that the processes have been very much streamlined, I think I should update the contents of this post.

I reached the High Comm at 8.30am, queued for ~2 hours and finished everything at 10.30am.

The Frosch will read/write: Hitag 1 Hitag 2 Hitag S The Hitag2 can be programmed to emulate 'Unique' / EM4x02 and FDX-B / EM4x05 standards.

Code lives at https://github.com/Adam Laurie/RFIDIOt and is always a work in progress!

January 2009: 0.1w released - various fixes to and new January 2009: RANDOM_UID mode available on JCOP cards. Download Documentation Licensing Contribute Tag Gallery e-Passports Passport Certificates Passport Profiling Technical Notes RFID Blocking In The News Who am I?

These cards will present a random UID instead of a fixed one, as per ICAO 9303 requirements for Machine readable Travel Documents. January 2009: version 0.1v released with source of JAVA applet for JCOP card. RFIDIOt is an open source python library for exploring RFID devices.

Came back at 3.40pm, thinking that I only need to collect, but queued for another hour just to collect my passport and activate the biometrics.

October 2012: Migrated source code to https://github.com/Adam Laurie/RFIDIOt.

I realised one of the reasons I haven't been doing many updates is because it's always such a faff getting a new tarball together, updating the webpage etc., etc.

Now, should you be vaguely interested, you can simply watch the project on github and get notified whenever a change is committed...

November 2008: version 0.1u released with support for JCOP Mifare emulation. An all-in-one reader/writer is now available: the LAHF is a Low And High Frequency device incorporating both the ACG LF Multitag and the ACG HF Multi-ISO into a single unit. It's called "RFIDIOt" for two reasons: It currently drives a range of RFID readers made by ACG, called the HF Dual ISO and HF Multi ISO, which are both 13.56MHz devices, and the LF Multi Tag which is 125/134.2k Hz.


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