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With over 350,000 items on the DLS and more and more of them being updated to the latest standards, there is a lifetime of free content to download and explore.Next week we will be updating the “Content Repair List” to validate content against the latest Trainz content creation standards.Following are a few of those upcoming products that ensure there will be something for everyone.

For over 15 years, Trainz has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of train fans from around the world.

The following “Roadmap” (or should that be “Trackplan”?

This is a necessary step that ensures that content works correctly and as efficiently as possible.

Once we have the final “need to repair” list of content (which currently sits at less than 1% of the 350,000 assets on the DLS!

There is now a clear choice for users between the older “32-bit” versions (including the original Trainz released in 2001 right through to Trainz 12) and the “New Era” of 64-bit/DX11 Trainz based upon the new TANE game engine.

From the information being gathered in our recent TANE SP1 survey, the feedback conclusively shows us that the majority of users who have tried out the “New Era” have now chosen it as their all-time favorite.

As more and more people upgrade their hardware over the coming years, we are sure to see the 64-bit future of Trainz growing even stronger.

Running in parallel to our PC and Mac versions, Trainz has also built an incredibly strong following in the mobile space.

The TD2016 version does not include the Surveyor, Test Track, Content Manager or Download Station components and comes at an appropriately lower price point.


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