Updating my maintenance strategy continually

So, at this point we’ve decided to turn off the comment function on this support page.

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– In the 4 months since it’s release we’ve answered over 800 questions.

As the book becomes more popular and more copies are sold, the questions continue to pile up.

In some cases you’ll be skirting failure on your final sets, for example the RPE 8 to 9 exercises where you are doing 3-5 sets, in other cases you will stay far from failure, like the single leg work, and this is by design.

This is sort of clarified in the novice progression section, but we will make this more clear in the next update of the books.

If you have any trouble just shoot us an email and we’ll fix it.

– There is very little research on the effects of protein when set by LBM.Eric has been kind enough to spend time with me on this book also, drawing on his experiences coaching to help me to improve it.If that sounds of interest you can find out more here.With that said, we will continue to put out content on the website, just like we did with my recent blog posts about supplementation, and the guest blog post from Greg Nuckols.So, content and information will continue to be available.Here at Capco, we care about each other – Inside and outside of work We invest in our people and support them in meaningful ways.

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