Updating gcc ubuntu

If such a problem has arisen following a GCC upgrade and persists after using the revdep-rebuild approach described above (and after rebuilding any other obviously relevant packages), a complete system rebuild may be the answer.The "safest" (but also most time-consuming) way to accomplish this is to use the Users are urged to try this approach before reporting any bugs that might have been caused by a GCC upgrade.

updating gcc ubuntu-68

This document guides users through the process of upgrading to modern versions of GCC.

Please note that downgrading GCC might have unwanted side effects.

There appear to be 4.9 gcc armhf builds for Ubuntu, but not on trusty - only on utopic and later.

There are updated toolchain PPA (eg: ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/ppa) but I believe those are native only, not cross compile.

I'm used to manually install GCC from source before on Ubuntu and it was a painful process. Currently, I have Min GW and GCC (4.6.2) installed on my machine.

So is there an easy way to update GCC without building it entirely from source? Is it OK to simply unzip the x86_64-mingw32-gcc-4.7.0-release-c,c ,and put into current Min GW installation?This means that switching (even minor) versions of gcc (say from 4.7.3 - packages).Such packages are usually bumped by package maintainers simultaneously, so they will always be built with the same GCC version.This is also why we use the So why is this only needed up to GCC 3.4.0/4.1/5.1?That's because from that version onward, GCC uses a forward-compatible ABI, which removes the need for rebuilding applications and libraries.While GCC (or more specifically, libstdc ) goes to great lengths to guarantee stability of the ABI, this guarantee does not extend to all parts of C within libstdc .


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