Updating data using ssis

This transformation does not support an error output.The following table describes the transformation outputs and the requirements of their subsequent data flows.

updating data using ssis-84

An OLE DB Command transformation updates the record that must now be marked as "expired".

The row with the new column values is directed to the New Output, where the row is inserted and marked as "current".

You can log the calls that the Slowly Changing Dimension transformation makes to external data providers.

You can use this logging capability to troubleshoot the connections, commands, and queries to external data sources that the Slowly Changing Dimension transformation performs.

For more information, see Conditional Split Transformation.

For suggestions on how to improve the performance of the Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation, see Data Flow Performance Features.Are their any benefits to transitioning our code to another approach with the OPENROWSET command?Yes - You are correct the OPENROWSET command can directly support INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operations as shown in these tips: Export data from SQL Server to Excel and Different Options for Importing Data into SQL Server.Products table in the Adventure Works OLTP database.Note The Slowly Changing Dimension transformation does not support Type 3 changes, which require changes to the dimension table.This has been beneficial for us because in our environment because our business users provide data to us in the form of Excel spreadsheets.

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