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Applying the technique of obfuscation to our sensitive data is somewhat akin to donning a Halloween disguise.By doing so, we mask the underlying data values, hiding their true nature, until the appropriate time to disclose it.In Listing 8-2, an example is provided that produces a random number between the values of 1 and 100. Character scrambling is a process by which the characters contained within a given statement are re-ordered in such a way that its original value is obfuscated.

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In order for the appropriate users to utilize this user defined function permissions must be assigned.

The GRANT EXECUTE command is included in the following script.

In order to ensure the accuracy of this testing, the development database should mimic the production database as closely as possible, in terms of the data it contains and the set of security features it implements.

This means that all of the sensitive data efforts and options noted in this book apply to both environments and that it may be necessary to store sensitive data in both the development and production databases.

Included in this user defined function is a reference to the argument replacing each character with other randomly selected characters from the same string.

For example, the value of “John” may result as “n Jho”.One special consideration of the RAND system function is that when it is included in a user defined function an error will be returned when the user defined function is created.Now, we can obtain a random number in any user defined function with a simple call to our new view.which replaces a value with another value and LOWER which returns the value in lowercase characters. This UDF will be referenced in any views and stored procedures that are selected to use this method of data obfuscation, an example of which we’ll see in the next section.Over recent years the information that is presented on a credit card receipt has changed.The difficulty with this is that it is common for developers and testers to be granted elevated permissions within the development database.

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