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If you've successfully updated the list, you will receive the updated list as a json object in the response body. If everything works fine, then one of the apps is causing the problem.

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I've already done that once before but want to do a full backup and restore but it keeps asking for this pin which I have not set.

I have tried: Reading manual, looked through the internet.

With this type of interference, internal memory is telling the sync that your contacts are there when they are not. Disable any apps that have an auto sync option as well. I have a Galaxy S3, recently it is so slow and the battery became flat soon and soon ...sometimes, when I hold on central button it turn on slow and has delay This might signal that your smartphone has too many unwanted background applications, its battery is getting old, or there is something wrong with the device.

As the first step, it is recommended to back up your data with this tutorial.

Every day you're in contact with a new person (or someone whose contact details aren't up to date), Evercontact will create or update those contacts.

These contact updates can be 100% automated or validated manually. If using the version for Gmail, you can accept/reject all of these contacts in your on-line dashboard or on the run with our i Phone app (Android coming soon).When I want to open my contacts there was always a process like "updating contact list" and I couldn't open my contacts.Also my Whatsapp contacts were always refreshing when I open whatsapp and click my contacts and it takes long time.More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I'm having a problem with my Samsung S4 phone.The problem is Google services has completely disappeared from my phone.When the unit makes a single vibrating noise release your hold on the power button, but continue to hold down the Volume Up and Home Button. Since you already cleared the cache from the app and can't make phone calls, a hard reset would be your best option at this point. Then go to Google Contact on the PC and manually try syncing from the PC to the phone.

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