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Note: In Pager Adapter, Pager Fragment Adapter and Pager Fragment State Adapter, the Views or Fragments are recognised by a key Object not by their index or position in the adapter.

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In this way we can update the fragment with new data.

My Fragment Pager In case of Fragment State Pager Adapter we will only override get Item Position() method in the same way as we just did in the Fragment Pager Adapter.

There are however, only a couple of reasons why you would need to perform a Master Reset: Your phone might not hold the connection or won’t connect at all even though you’ve already reset your phone; Your USB port won’t recognize a device, or the system just isn’t operating properly.

The steps below will guide you through how to perform a Master Reset on your vehicle.

* If there is only one fragment to show that will be only active fragment.

* If there are only two fragments to show, both will be in active state.

In this example, all client workstations will obtain the time and date from a domain controller using the NTP protocol.

View Pager is a layout manager that allows users to flip and view pages left and right.

Note: You can download source code of a sample application from here to run the android application. It keeps maximum three views in memory, one which is currently visible, one which is left and one is right of the visible item.

While scrolling, the pages which goes out of the screen will be destroyed in destroy Item(View Group, int, Object) method. get Count() returns the number of items which will be shown in the View Pager. is View From Object(View, Object) method checks whether the Object returned from instantiate Item(View Group, int) method is linked to the View supplied here.

If the data in the fragment present in the collection we simply return its position and if new data not found in the collection we return POSITION_NONE which forces fragments to recreate its view hierarchy again with new data.

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