Updating a jframe

They go to great lengths to explain this in an article on Swing threading along with a pretty lame excuse for implementing it this way towards the end of the article.So, basically, if you're using a multi-threaded system, you're safe if you use this queue.

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What Swing Utilities does is to enque a request (in the form of a object, since Java doesn't have anything nice like code blocks) into the single 'Event Queue' thread.

Thus, problem solved, and all access is single threaded.

Remember to change the codes in blue according to your database and your GUI.

Having a game take place in a 3D environment greatly enhances the immersion, but actually implementing a full 3D engine can be very complex.

Editor's note: The following example from Swing Hacks is one of the book's most visually daring hacks--mimicking the arbitrarily shaped window you might see in an native MP3 player skin.

The hack here is necessitated by the fact that Java doesn't support non-rectangular windows, so the only option to make this work is for the Java window to be aware of what's under it, and to handle the imaging of areas within the window's rectangle but not within its arbitrary shape.

(Nice to see that they've implemented a fix in 1.4, though not using my more elegant implementation suggested in the bug report). They removed when moving from AWT to Swing (because Swing was -- and still is -- hideously slow) as a mechanism to speed up redraws, but then they needed to ensure that threading race conditions didn't kill the UI performance.

So they created Swing Utilities to fix these problems.

Now, select properties and checkmark(if, unchecked) the editable option. Now on the Update button's 4 To make your program more better you can make the text-fields empty when the user has completed task of updating his table.

Also, you can show a Message Box stating that the update was successful.

But if you are finding your UI can only handle so many responses, then this might be a good starting point to optimise code.


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