With its antiqued bronzed framed this super stlyish mirror would look fabulous on any wall in any room.

Size: 38 cm x 38cm Material: rope, glass and metal.

View full product details This is a gorgeously simple rectangled mirror, which is perfect for hanging over a sink in a bathroom or in your bedroom.

The smaller deep copper sconce has a lovely burnished and contemporary feel.

They look great individually or in a group as shown. It is a real statement piece and would look great above a fireplace or as a centre piece on a dark wall.

Standing tall and proud in a traditional design, this full-length floor standing dressing mirror has a simplistic elegance with a beautiful gold frame and easel style stand, the perfect elegant update.

The stand could be removed from the back of the mirror if you wished but you would need to undo the screws which fixes it in place.

This antique gold metal mirror on a black metal stand is perfect for placing on a dressing table or on a bathroom shelf.

It is a classic Danish piece, with a beautiful stylish simplicity to it's finish.

Any imperfections are part of the artisanal appeal and should be embraced.


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