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DJERBA, Tunisia—By the hundreds, they gathered for a pre-wedding party on a resort island in Tunisia.

Here, in the heart of the Muslim world, the crowds were speaking Arabic.

Isolated on a small niche of North Africa’s largest island, the Jews of Djerba have been called the last Arab Jews—and it is hardly an exaggeration.

Across the rest of the Middle East, Jewish communities have been vanishing over the past half century, since the creation of Israel.

The band was Arab too, playing boisterous Arabic melodies.

But the revelers were Orthodox Jews—as devout as they come.

Per custom, the bride-to-be, Oshrit Uzan, had quit her job running her own beauty salon to prepare for her new life.

She might return to work, she mused, but her husband must approve: “I will need permission,” she said.

I can’t work because I have a bad back from three car crashes and will need a knee replacement operation when I am 70.


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