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If the man you're dating is constantly picking up new hobbies that run at obscure hours, then you should really consider why you're dating this person.

There is nothing more sketchy than a man who constantly comes and goes at weird hours, claiming he's working or just enjoying some leisure time doing new hobbies.7een Spirit The people you associate yourself with are a reflection of who you are.

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If you confront him and he keeps saying, "It's not what it looks like," then you should know not to fall for this trap.

A girl has not established her moral compass or values and consequently, is often inconsistent.

His social media patterns are clues to his personality.

If the man you're dating has a Snapchat but doesn't follow you, there is a reason for that.

Here are the signs that you can't trust the guy you're dating.

While at times we may have personal matters to attend to, there is no reason why the man you're dating should be afraid to answer his cell phone in your presence.

If the man you're dating gives you gifts on the wrong anniversary date, then he's a true scumbag and can't be trusted.

This is almost as bad as calling your girl another name while you're having sex with her.

Everyone loves to text these days, it is the most preferred means of communication between people.

When a man is trying to balance many girls, he tends to get generic with his texts.

They probably get introduced to a new girl regularly, which confuses them and causes them to slip up once in a while.


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  2. But as I’m always telling people: mastery is just the realization that there’s more to learn. Things seem to be going well, but they’re consistently meeting women who like them well enough at first, but lose interest by the third or fourth date.

  3. I dont sleep around, and i used condoms and still got it from someone i was in love with!! If jessica alba really does have it, then i say “you go girl” cause she hasnt let it affect her life…which no one should.

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