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I think this symbolizes his realization that even though the boy has antlers/is gay he is a person too, as we all are, and lets them be friends.

Distraught, the boy tries to cut his antlers off, but is stopped by the girl.

Later on, the father attempts to shoot the boy with an arrow, but is hit by a car.

The video simply features the footage of the band playing from the main video, added to footage of the band's live performances and tour movies.

This version[citation needed] won the MTV2 Award at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.

The part where he tries to cut off his antlers and the girl comes in and stops him could be like, he thinks he has to give in to her urges/experiment/try to be straight to keep the friendship going, but then she stops him because she loves him how he is (and doesn't want romance to mess up the friendship).

Her dad doesn't want her to hang out with the boy, and he even tries to kill him but when the dad is hit by a car his shoes fly off and he has deer feet.It's fine."One meaning I got from this definitely has to do with homosexuality but I think it's this: It's about somebody that has a really close friend of the opposite sex who is gay/lesbian, and despite knowing this the person falls for them anyway despite knowing nothing will come of it and if it does, it will be fleeting and experimental.For the sake of this interpretation, and because it seems more common, I'm going to say it's a girl falling in love with her gay best friend. " refers to how she's afraid her new feelings will be too much for the friendship to bear, as though she's asking hesitantly if it's wrong.When he rushes to the man's aid, the boy finds that the father has hooves.They connect, and the father accepts him, allowing him to date his daughter.The antlers in the video can be seen in Fall Out Boy's music video for their 2008 single "What a Catch, Donnie".

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